About Us

Sky So Blue was founded in 2005 by a young team of Chinese-Americans who shared the privilege of growing up in the U.S. while maintaining deep ties to China. Since then we have grown into a full-service international marketing, recruiting, and education services company that generates excitement for international students to study at your institution increasing interest, applications, and enrollments for undergrad, graduate, ESL programs, 2-year colleges, and K-12 districts.


We are not simply a recruiting firm, Sky So Blue provides a wide range of services such as website and brochure design and translation, local language hot-line and outreach events, supplemental qualifications of applicants, developing study/work abroad programs, consolidated agency management, developing long-lasting partnerships with qualified schools overseas, and even exploration and execution of developing a branch campus to really plug your campus on the global scene.


We believe that if students are motivated, have the proper support, and are in an environment where their interests are aligned with their host institution's, they will find success naturally. Our services are founded on these values and by working openly and closely with our institutional clients and our students, we create lasting and fruitful relationships.