Admissions Solutions

As an extension of your international admissions services, our role is to support your institution in identifying students who truly are great matches. We devote time to focus on each individual, identifying strengths and weaknesses not obvious from test scores and prepared essays. From individualized services such as supplemental screening and face-to-face interviews, to operating your Greater China admissions office, Sky So Blue Admissions Services reinforces your admissions process to attract the best students and see the real student behind the application.

Turn-key International Admissions

In addition to supplemental qualification services, Sky So Blue offers a turn-key international admissions service where the bulk of admissions processing is completed by a Sky So Blue consultant who works for the institution on site. The consultant is plays an intimate role in your admissions and recruiting teams, serving to market and recruit on behalf of the school, as well as process and qualify international applicants, and is compensated in part by the application fees of international applications.


Key Advantages

    On-site international consultant to free your admissions resources

    Pre-qualification and selection of applicants, including screening of application materials, pre-screen interviews on behalf of your institution, and administration of proxy assessments as deemed necessary by your admissions team

    Knowledge sharing in processing and qualification of international applicants

    Additional recruiting resource, acting as Greater China liaison speaking the local language and dialect

    Guidance to under-qualified but motivated students to prepare for full time enrollment at a future time

    Improved processes and response times for inquiries and applications

    Improved welcoming and orientation for new students

    Low initial costs

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