Sky So Blue was started in 2005 as a cultural marketing firm specializing in helping businesses better communicate their message to their foreign clientele. Our first clients were restaurants and boutique shops in Beijing's Houhai and Nanluoguxiang cultural districts. Our team worked with managers to understand questions and cultural gaps foreign visitors have, and worked to design and create solutions that helped visitors bridge the cultural gap without disrupting the shopping experience.


As we expanded our client list grew include municipal clients including the Shanghai Huating Hotel - where Chinese government officials, Presidents, and Secretaries traditionally stay while on official business. We worked closely with the Qiandaohu local government and the Thousand Island Lake Marina Club near Hangzhou, where China's Olympic rowing teams train, revamping and westernizing their website and print materials in preparation for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. In late 2008 we were brought on by Chery Automotive to polish the company's English marketing materials and communications channels better prepare it for doing business in North America.


In 2009, Sky So Blue formed strategic partnerships with Shenyang United Commercial Enterprise and Wan Bang Holding Company in order to expand our relationships and reach with municipal governments and public institutions. This relationship has better positioned us to assist foreign institutions in navigating China's complex political and business environment, while allowing us to remain wholly owned by the original founders. We remain based in Atlanta, GA and we are proud to be a flexible team in providing the solutions your organization need.


Sky So Blue is based out of Atlanta, Georgia, USA and has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Wenzhou China.


What's In a Name?

In drafting the mission and vision of the company, our founder knew that he wanted to build a company that would improve people's livelihoods--whether it was through being profitable and in turn, being able to hire more employees, or by providing products and services that could empower people to live better lives. He thought that influential brands should commit a portion of their earnings to helping individuals born into less fortunate circumstances to one day be able to buy those brand name products through their own talents, and capabilities. He wanted a name that encapsulated this ideal that a company's goal is not only to enrich its owners and shareholders, but to enrich all of society. The name came to him one day as he basked in the sun under the sky so blue, when he realized that all individuals should be able to enjoy the sky so blue while living productive lives.


Sky So Blue's commitment is to act on the principles ingrained in our name, and we are committing at least 2% of profits to worthwhile causes. We are always open to avenues to contribute to--in scholarships, discounts, and donations to endowments--please contact us with ideas at





..... 康福外国语学校

Georgia Institute of Technology Language Institute

..... Pertama Institute of Technology
.. Linton University College
. Legenda College
. Institute of Medical Sciences of Mantin
.... Jati Institute
St. John's International
Chery Automotive
Shanghai Huating Hotel & Towers
Qian Dao Hu Cruises
Thousand Island Lake Bureau of Tourism
South Luogu Lane Properties