Connect Your Students Internationally

Having a robust study abroad program that enables students to gain a fresh perspective in a different part of the world can completely change your students' college experience. Through Sky So Blue's close relationships with local high schools, universities, and private firms in China and Hong Kong, your institution can become a platform for students to become movers and shakers on a global scale.


Study Abroad Program Development

What We Do

    Working with universities to develop meaningful value-driven study abroad experiences that fit your institution's goals

    Information sessions and marketing materials for on-campus promotion

    Receive and processing of applications

    Pre-qualification and selection of prospective participants

    Exchange counseling including introduction to the general situation of the host institution, expenses, pre-departure counseling

    Assistance with Visa application process

    Unified document handling

    In-country living arrangements

    Arrival services and 24/7 English speaking point of contact

Work Abroad

Sky So Blue's partners in the private sector appreciate the unique contributions American students bring to their firms. Internships and full-time work opportunities are available in a variety of cities throughout China, and not only are the student's room and board are often covered by the sponsoring company, students often will receive a compensation package as well.


Key Advantages

    Gain international work experience, working alongside English-speaking counterparts

    Build networks and friends that can last a lifetime

    Room and board is often fully covered, on top of a base salary

    Pre-departure and etiquette counseling, unified document handling

    Often three-day weekends can be arranged to allow for travel on the weekends

    Letters of reference are given after each role

    High possibility of offer to join the sponsoring firm in a permanent capacity

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