Institutional Partnerships

Recruit Directly from Schools

Our role is to understand your goals for international recruitment and reach out to high schools and universities aligned with your vision, directly connecting your institution to the best matched undergraduate and graduate students

Recruitment Solutions


As your strategic partner specializing in supplemental screening of international applicants, representation at local recruitment events, international admissions office operations, local language hot-line, translational services, and more

Go Abroad

Open Doors for Your Students Overseas

Sky So Blue International's relationships with schools and municipal governments enables our client institutions to establish study/work abroad programs, joint research initiatives, and explore and execute on opening a branch campus in Asia


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Connecting the World's Campuses to Yours

Our Mission

Every student has a dream. Our job at Sky So Blue International is to support high schools and universities in matching and attracting students to the campus most suited to realizing their dreams. We understand that what makes your campus different is also your competitive advantage, and we are committed to finding the students, schools, and services that align with your institution's unique recruitment needs. We believe there is a school for every student, and certain types of students who establish a halo for their school. Our responsibility is to match the two, always keeping the student's interests as our main interest.


Sky So Blue International is based in Atlanta, GA with a presence throughout Greater China, including Hong Kong and Taiwan. Our team speaks the local language and dialects, are engaged with students, parents (and grandparents) about the road to college, and know the capabilities and dreams of the Chinese student as if they were our own. We are excited to work with you in these exciting times to explore the services and options that will fulfill your China recruitment strategy.

						Sky So Blue team
            					Based in Atlanta, GA


International Recruitment One-Stop-Shop

Sky So Blue understands that each school approaches international recruitment differently, so we offer a full portfolio of services to help your institution achieve its international goals.

    Partnership development with local schools & universities

    Supplemental admissions screening of international applicants

    Consolidated agency management

    Targeted design and translation of website and print marketing materials

    Representation at local recruitment events

    Turn-key international admissions office

    Local language QA hot-line and parental liaison

    U.S. based student housing solutions


Study/Work Abroad Program Development

In addition to recruitment and outreach services, our network of relationships with schools, municipalities, and local corporations means your students will have access to study and experience life abroad in China and Hong Kong, giving your institution ready-to-go study/work abroad programs to plug into.

    Developing work/study abroad programs

    China/Hong Kong visa application assistance

    Local housing, insurance, airport pickup, emergency contact

    and much more


Branch Campus Exploration

There are unprecedented opportunities for growth and change as China rolls out its educational reforms in which the Ministry of Education openly welcomes Western schools to participate in in improving China's education system. In certain cases, a portion of the development costs of these branch offices are subsidized by the local government or are developed with the help of the private sector. Our long-standing relationships with municipalities and private investors translates to being best positioned to help your institution navigate and explore developing a branch campus overseas.