K-12 Recruitment & Partnerships


As the world becomes ever smaller, it's increasingly important for students to study and thrive in a classroom representative of the world's people and experiences. We leverage our relationships at the high school level and connect your campus with renown high schools throughout Greater China. When it comes time to prepare for the young students to come over, we will closely consult with your ground team to ensure that the experience is bulletproof for the new students.


Our Approach

    First understand your vision and mission, then find the partners that complements those goals

    Establish a solid foundation of understanding with potential partner high schools

    Work closely with your team, host families, and third party providers to ensure that the cultural and academic transition to your high school is as seamless as possible

    Consult with your school to build a sufficient support network for the new high school students

    Assist the Chinese school, parents, and students on the F-1 visa approval process

    Support students during their time in the U.S. and help with the transition back to their home high school, a private high school, or their post-secondary education


Our partners and affiliates are some of the most influential educational organizations and governmental institutions in China. Sky So Blue works closely with many domestic educational organizations on a regular basis, including:


Public Sector

    The Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China

    'Project 211' and 'Project 985' universities including Tsinghua University in Beijing

    Numerous private high schools in Mainland China

Private Sector

    Local third party advisors for new student adjustment

    Renown recruiting and English preparatory schools

    4 domestic travel agencies covering 22 provinces

    China's elite private high schools, colleges, and boarding schools

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