Cultural and political gaps can significantly raise the cost of entry to international markets, yet when education is increasingly becoming a globalized, few campuses can afford to be left out of the international scene.


Our full service solutions address the resource limitations of your admissions team and gives your campus access to a broadened applicant pool through an active presence on the international recruiting scene. Our solutions can be tailored to the unique needs of your program, please complete an inquiry or contact us by email or phone.


Student Recruitment

We are as much a marketing agency as we are a recruiting agency. Our approach is two-fold, getting as many students excited about applying to your school as possible, and then working to identify and rank the best matched students. We showcase your school in front of all our channels of students, parents, and schools, as well as work with traditional recruiting agencies to promote your institution.


What We Do and How We Are Different

    Establish brand recognition and generate excitement about studying at your institution at high schools, universities, and recruiting parties

    Highlighting your institution's competitive offerings front and center with students, parents, and counselors

    Exposure to widest audience through our vetted and continuously growing partner base

    Bridge political and cultural gaps to assist your in establishing win-win arrangements with secondary schools and universities

    Providing local language QA hot-lines to directly answer students and parents questions and concerns

    Representing your institution at recruiting expos and local information sessions

    Exchange counseling including introduction to the general situation of their host institution, finances, pre-departure counseling

Online & Print Marketing Materials

With the college selection process often being a discussion that involves the entire family, the quality and language used in promotional materials is often a major factor to the student's support network. Building on our design and cross-cultural marketing experience, we offer full design, translation, print and distribution services to catapult your institutional brand name into households around the world.


Key Advantages of Having Local Language Print Materials

    Targeted translation of recruiting website and print brochures

    Our representatives rely on promotional materials to facilitate explaining the benefits of studying at your institution

    Prospective students prefer to read important information about institutions and entry requirements in Chinese

    Parents, even grandparents, are involved in the decision making process and most have no English proficiency at all

    Quality promotional materials help communicate the quality of your institution to prospective students


Information Sessions and Events

As more universities are actively recruiting in China, it has become increasingly important to have a physical presence at recruiting conventions as well as community informational sessions at local colleges and high schools. Sky So Blue not only hosts these events to get the word out, our approach is to have real conversations with students and families to communicate our message as well as listen to theirs.


Sky So Blue Outreach Events

    Targeted and advertised events everywhere from recruiting expos to on-campus information sessions at local schools

    Generate recognition and excitement by putting a face to the brand

    Establish credibility and trust with students and family members

    Delivery of a consistent message to highlight your school's academics, coursework, heritage, geography, opportunities for students with varied talents and interests, special programs, and support network for international students

    Professional, friendly, and trained representatives who follow up with interested students


Local Language QA Liaison

We provide your institution with a local QA hot-line to answer students and parents' questions and concerns directly, so they don't have to depend on recruiting agencies.


Key Advantages

    Information direct from the school, without having to depend on middle agencies and hearsay

    One local number in the local language for information about academic programs, accommodations, application process, and finances

    Improved inquiry response times

    An additional point of contact to get your brand name in front of Chinese students and parents

    Peace of mind for parents and family