QA hot-line and Local Language Liaison

We understand that communicating directly with the school to understand basic questions about the application process can be a daunting task for foreign students and families. This communication barrier often leads families to turn to third-party application preparation companies to answer their questions--agencies who are often driven by their own profit motives. Sky So Blue's QA hot-line gives your institution a phone presence time zones 12 hours away, directly addressing students and parents' questions and concerns. Our liaisons are able to provide guidance and instruction in the local language, building rapport and recognition for your school.


In addition to serving as a call center, we are able to proactively reach out to the applicant and their immediate family if an application is incomplete, follow up on previous inquiries, and react in case of an emergency. This level of communication adds transparency to the application process and gives students and parents peace of mind.


Key Advantages

    One local phone number in native language for information about academic programs, accommodations, application process, finances, and special concerns

    Information direct from the school, without having to depend on middle agencies and hearsay

    One local number in the local language for information about academic programs, accommodations, application process, and finances

    Improved inquiry response times with ability to follow up on missing paperwork and previous inquiries

    Transparency in promoting your brand name to Chinese students and parents

    Peace of mind for parents and family

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