Admissions Solutions

As an extension of your international admissions services, our role is to support your institution in identifying students who truly are great matches. We devote time to focus on each individual, identifying strengths and weaknesses not obvious from test scores and prepared essays. From individualized services such as supplemental screening and face-to-face interviews, to operating your Greater China admissions office, Sky So Blue Admissions Services reinforces your admissions process to attract the best students and see the real student behind the application.

Comprehensive Qualification

We know that when it comes to international students, it's difficult to screen them to the same standards as domestic applicants. Sky So Blue Admissions Solutions works to understand your school culture and selection criteria to develop a vigorous set of qualifications for international applicants to re-gain visibility to the student's aptitude, attitude, personality, creativity, goals, ambitions, extracurricular experiences, oral and written communication skills, and academic profile.


The same process also allows us to qualify and rank students off the beaten path of prepared essays and two-dimensional TOEFL scores, and look directly at the applicant's real competencies. It enables institutions to admit truly deserving individuals and at the same time pinpoint weaknesses and come up with a targeted plan to prepare the student for full-time enrollment at a future time. Sky So Blue's qualification process also identifies highly competitive applicants who may be accepted at many other institutions, allowing your admissions team to respond with more competitive offer packages, increasing the quality and efficiency of recruiting efforts.



Qualification Services

    Customized qualification process tailored to your institution and programs to identify students who are truly good matches

    Multiple rounds of recorded video interview to identify and quantify qualities including initiative, conviction and self confidence in own goals, long-term goals, specific talents and interests, extracurricular pursuits, maturity, some evidence of achievement, commitment, and service, oral communication skills

    Live, recorded proctored essay questions

    Structured and standardized screening techniques to consistently and objectively qualify students

    Separate screening standards catering to undergraduate and graduate candidates

    Middle school and high school profiling as indicators of academic achievement

    Work with your admissions team to attract highly qualified students to matriculate

    Identify and provide guidance and advice to under-qualified students who are not yet ready to enroll in a full capacity

    Individualized counseling service to conditional acceptances

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