Student Recruitment

We are as much a marketing agency as we are a recruiting agency, getting as many students excited about applying to your school as possible, and then working to identify and rank the best matched students. Our approach is two-fold, putting your school in front of all our channels of students and parents, as well as working with traditional recruiting agencies to promote your institution and vet applicants from their pool.


What We Do and How We Are Different

    Establish brand recognition and generate excitement about studying at your institution at high schools, colleges, and universities

    Highlighting your institution's competitive offerings front and center with students, parents, and counselors

    Promoting your institution to traditional recruiting agencies with a consistent marketing message so representatives across China and Hong Kong can qualify students to one standard

    Exposure to widest audience through our vetted and continuously growing partner base

    Bridge political and cultural gaps to assist your in establishing win-win arrangements with secondary schools and universities

    Working with your admissions team to rank applicants based on best fit

    Supplemental qualification of applicants, such as face-to-face native language and English interviews and proctored essays

    Exchange counseling including introduction to the general situation of their host institution, finances, pre-departure counseling

Contact Us

To learn more about how Sky So Blue can generate excitement and widen your applicant pool, complete an inquiry or give us a call.