Why Work With Us

The East West cultural gap can almost be epitomized by the differences between the United States and China--and not all institutions have the resources and expertise to effectively market and work in such a different environment. While our motivations and aspirations are the same, Chinese universities, municipal governments, parents and students operate in a different cultural backdrop.


That's where we come in, as your advocate embedded in China, we seek first to understand your needs and goals, then through our corporate and institutional partners, and investors, plug you in to the right crowd. We understand the local culture, know the right people, understand the nuances of the education system and are able to cross shop various institutions and organizations on your behalf. We pre-qualify institutions and students so when it comes time to make the decision on which parties to work with, there is no wrong choice. Sky So Blue's expertise in working with Chinese universities, high schools, municipal governments, and the private sector frees your resources to be focused on the work back home.



How We are Different

Sky So Blue is first and foremost a marketing and services company. We reach our goal of recruiting quality students for our client institutions by providing supplemental interview and screening for each individual student and working with a wide network of recruiting agencies so the more stringent application process doesn't shrink your applicant pool.


Our Specialty

    Marketing your brand name to the widest audience by working with multiple qualified recruiting agencies across many provinces, to capture the widest range of student experiences

    Work on your behalf to pre-qualify and develop working partnerships with local high schools and universities for recruiting and cooperative initiatives

    Generating interest in your institution with a unified message and growing the number of applicants to your institution

    Supplemental qualification of applicants to identify traits that allow you to see the true student behind the personal statement and test scores

    Preemptively identify highly competitive candidates who are at risk of enrolling at another institution and will work with your admissions team to recommend incentive packages to attract and keep competitive talent.

    Work with unqualified candidates on how they can become more competitive for acceptance in the next recruiting season.

How We Are Different

    Our policies are in place to ensure that we find the right student for our partner schools, and the right school for our students. We do not accept any fees from the student, which may include:

      Fees to match them to a school

      Fees to prepare application materials which may include the personal statement, recommendations, essays, interviews, any test scores

      Fees for being accepted and/or enrolling with our client institutions

    We work with the largest recruiting agencies across the country to get your brand name in front of the broadest range of students and families throughout all 22 provinces of China, and assist your team in selecting the best matched students from this wide pool of applicants. This allows us focus on getting your name in front of families and on identifying the right talent, rather than pushing students towards schools where it's difficult to fulfill the student's potential.


Key Advantages

    One-stop-shop as your strategic Greater China partner in marketing, recruiting, and operations of admissions services

    Localized expertise and deep relationships in education and with the local government

    Extensive cross-cultural consulting experience across multiple industries

    Direct relationship with investors and the private sector

    Thought leadership in international recruitment and expansion

    Friendly and responsive staff based in the United States

    After-hours event planning and relationship building with visiting delegations

    24/7 Availability to communicate with your partners across the world

    Uncompromising ethical standards when working with agencies, keeping students' interests our main interest

    Commitment to our institutional client's long-term success